Do you want to give your pets quality ingredients from a reputable company--food that will contribute to their good health for years to come? Then Life's Abundance is the right place for you.

 Life's Abundance has been in business for over 20 years selling top quality pet food with NO RECALLS. Your order, placed through my Life's Abundance site, is delivered directly to your door in about 3 days after you place the order. This is NOT food that has been sitting in a distribution center for weeks, or on a store or veterinary office shelf for an undeterminable length of time--it will have been manufactured within weeks of reaching you and your pet. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all Life's Abundance products. These products prove time and time again to be a good value because of their nutritional density. A bag of Life's Abundance food will likely last considerably longer than other foods, because you can feed less and still have your pet's appetitite satisfied. If you are feeding your pet a "premium" food, have a look at how Life's Abundance compares with your brand in nutrition and price per serving. 

The pet products line includes:

  • Wholesome and nourishing dog foods, including formulas for special dietary needs, like grain free, weight loss, and puppies

  • Premium chews, training treats and baked goodies for dogs, free of artificial flavors, colors, corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens

  • Nourishing cat food in canned and dry varieties to keep cats of all ages thriving throughout their nine lives!

  • Pet care products for the healthiest skin, coat ears and teeth

  • Supplements that address issues of agility, skin and coat, and general wellness.