Starting a home-based, part time business was about the last thing I ever expected to do, and I kind of wandered into it by accident.I was on a search for a new brand of pet food for my dog that led me to Life's Abundance. Little did I know that the same company whose pet products would change Wilbur's life for the better--and mine, in turn--also produces an outstanding line of clean, natural nutritional supplements for people. These supplements have made a huge difference in my life, making it very easy for me to share them with others, and to take pride in being associated with this outstanding company.

It's also pretty nice--ok, REALLY nice--to be getting two extra paychecks every month in return for the products we use and recommend to others. If working for yourself is something that interests you, and if a new or supplemental income stream is something you could use, let me introduce you to life as a Life's Abundance representative. Life's Abundance presents an amazing opportunity for anyone already involved in a pet business (breeder, groomer, trainer, walker); for wellness practitioners of all types (nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, etc.); or essentially anyone (like me) who loves pets and also embraces the idea of healthful every day habits.

Some things that you should know:

  • The start-up and overhead costs are minimal
  • There's no monthly personal purchase required and no need to purchase inventory. You will not end up with a garage full of protein powder or dog biscuits!
  • No group sales requirements
  • No requirement to build your own team or recruit people -- work at your own comfort level and set your own goals
  • You get profits from your individual sales and from your team's sales, 9 levels down
  • The customer service for you and your customers is unparalleled
  • The products are top-quality and made in the USA
  • The shipping is FAST! Generally 1-3 days nationwide.
  • There's support every step of the way if you want to grow your business, even if it's on a part-time basis like me.

Watch this short video, and then sign up here!

Check out the Life's Abundance Opportunity for yourself!