What it is

Get REAL is a 21-day event focused on

  • Real food
  • Everyday movement
  • Awareness/Accountability and
  • Learning

 From November 1-21 we are committing to an overall diet that is cleaner and healthier, moving for at least 30 minutes every day, being more aware of what we are putting into our bodies, holding each other accountable for it when necessary, and learning what happens when we tie all of that together consistently for three weeks. Our diet will incorporate lean sources of protein (including meat and eggs), whole grains, fruits and vegetables, but there is no specific meal plan that has to be followed by group participants.

We'll also be using some tools to help us, like the My Fitness Pal app as a food tracker, and a FitBit to track activity. You can use a different app or a journal if you want, but tracking what you eat is strongly recommended. We will be supplementing our diet with Life's Abundance nutrition products, and welcome anyone who wants to learn what benefits these supplements may provide, to do the same. The nutrition products are available here. If you want them for the start of the event on November 1 it is suggested you place your order by October 25 to be on the safe side, though you will probably have it in 2-3 days after ordering.

What it's not

This is not a weight-loss program or a pre-planned meal program. It's not a contest. It's not a cleanse. It's not a situation that will only guarantee your success if you buy this, or do everything a specific way. Your goals are yours alone, whether that's to lose a few pounds or inches, to clean up your food intake by monitoring portion sizes or eliminating added sugars or processed foods. You may just need some support for what you are already doing well.

How will this work?

The "event" will be run on Facebook, through the Happy Valley Healthy page. It will start on Wednesday, November 1 and run through the evening of Tuesday, November 21. The "event" will contain public posts throughout the 21-day period. To access recipes, daily tips, and to share successes and challenges, you will need to join the closed Facebook group. The content from the private Facebook group will not be shared outside of the group, and all members of the closed group are asked to honor the privacy of others. 

All group members will be encouraged to share tips that may help others, to ask questions, and to share what's working for you. Whatever your goals are--lose a few pounds before the holidays, eat less processed food, eliminate added sugar, kick the soda habit--let's be here to help each other, and learn together.

Are you ready to Get REAL with me? Connect now to claim your spot in this free event, by emailing happyvalleyhealthy@gmail.com.