What's This Supposed To Do For Me?

I had the same question when I first started taking the Probiotic from Life's Abundance, and it  comes up fairly often when anyone is trying to learn more about supplements. Truth is, you won't hear me making promises, because everyone's experience could be different. What I can tell you is my own experience and what I hear from my customers. The first difference I noticed personally was reduced sugar cravings. Desiring less sugar, I ate less sugar, and the next things I noticed were that my skin looked better and my energy level was more constant, less "crashy". One of my customers, who previously suffered with both acid reflux and irregularity, has felt that his digestive process is substantially improved. Just this week another customer told me how her sugar cravings have been reduced, after just a few days on the product. How can that be?

Gut bacteria, when balanced, can help or hinder weight control. When they're in a state of balance, they can truly reduce or eliminate cravings and improve your metabolism. An unhealthy diet, where your gut bacteria is out of balance, leads to insulin resistance. If your cells are insensitive to insulin and can't take in fuel in the form of blood sugar, your pancreas produces excess insulin. That excess insulin can lead to inflammation, fat storage, and weight gain; and it can also put you at risk for diabetes, heart disease and other disorders. 

For a healthy gut, first and foremost is eating as much of a whole-food (as opposed to processed) diet as possible. To that, consider adding Life's Abundance Probiotic. During the month of August, when you purchase the Probiotic, I'll give you two sample sized products of Life's Abundance nutrition products of your choosing! Try chocolate or vanilla protein powder, the Greens Blend, or either flavor of Minerals & Antioxidants drink mix as a thank you from me. And let your belly thank you for the Probiotic. The link is: