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8 Things You Can Do To Make A Healthier Home

When you say "healthy lifestyle", most people will automatically think that you're talking about what you eat or what you do for exercise. But healthy living doesn't start and end with diet and exercise! We spend a lot of time in our homes (ok, sometimes it seems like not enough, but...) so shouldn't we pay just as much attention to what's happening there on an everyday basis? These are just 8 of many simple things you can do to make your home healthier, and maybe make yourself healthier and happier in the process.

  1. Replace your non-stick cookware with cast iron, stainless steel or glass. If you're stuck with non-stick, be careful not to overheat it, which releases toxic fumes. 
  2. Opt for glass over plastic for containing food or leftovers. Never microwave food in plastic containers.
  3. Kick the habit of drinking bottled water. For water on-the-go, get a reusable water bottle that's glass or stainless steel, not plastic. Plain water not your thing? Choose a healthy water enhancer, like Minerals & Antioxidants from Life's Abundance. 
  4. Limit canned foods, cooking with fresh or frozen whenever possible. Why? Most food cans are lined with BPA, a toxic chemical that leaches into food.
  5. Stop using air freshener! Most contain a number of toxic chemicals that contaminate the air you're breathing. Opt instead for diffusing a natural essential oil to clean and freshen the air.
  6. Choose fragrance-free personal care products. It's hard to know what's in a product if it's vaguely labeled "fragrance", so it's always safer to choose products that are fragrance-free.
  7. Clean with non-toxic products. Most homes can be cleaned with a few non-toxic ingredients, like vinegar, baking soda, water, a HEPA vacuum, microfiber mops and cloths, and some elbow grease. A great multi-purpose, kid-friendly, pet-safe cleaner is the Bio-Base Floorwash Concentrate from Life's Abundance. 
  8. Try non-toxic alternatives to pesticides or insecticides. As a household that struggles with weeds, this is probably one of the hardest for us. But ultimately, we've decided we'd rather live with the weeds and do our best to control them naturally than to expose ourselves to the toxicity of commercially-produced weed and bug killers. 

Your home should be your safe haven....the place you retreat to at the end of a long workday, a place that feels comfortable and that invites rest. With some fairly simple steps like these, you can improve not only the health of your home, but your own longterm health. Here's to healthier, non-toxic living!