Keys to a Better Life: Make the Most of Now

As much as I love fall, I admit to feeling a little sentimental at this time of year. It’s possible that the diminishing daylight has something to do with it, but it’s also the season when I lost my mother, and just last year, one of my two sisters-in-law. Just tonight I received word that a cousin has passed away. Seeing the trees shed their leaves and plants looking tired adds to the realization that it’s a season of change. It’s a really busy season at work, we’re going to and coming home from work in near darkness….but wait a minute, I said I LOVE FALL, despite all those things that seem like reasons to hate it. How can that be?

Well, the key for me is just to make the most of now, whatever the situation is. Yeah, I’m running in the dark before work instead of enjoying a beautiful daybreak. And the afternoon dog walks are getting shorter and require flashlights. My mile splits are slower than they’ve ever been. There are no more fresh tomatoes at the farmer’s market. Maybe that’s the saddest thing of all. But you know what?

I love getting my sweaters and closed-toe shoes out of storage. I love apple cider (unfiltered, unpasteurized thankyouverymuch) and making soup. I love having the windows open in my bedroom when it’s in the high 40s at night so we can snuggle under a blanket. I love that those morning runs don’t require 30 minutes of cooling off before being able to put on my work clothes. I love that when I do take the dogs out, they aren’t overheated and their little feet aren’t getting toasted from the pavement. I love when it’s cool enough in the evenings to not be eaten by mosquitos, and we can sit by a fire with a drink that warms our insides.

There are lots of reason to love this season, but my sentimental feelings about fall is probably what helps me “make the most of now”. Time passes so quickly, friends. To wish time away, to not take advantage of the strength in your body and mind, to spend time loathing a time of year for whatever reason, to not soak in and appreciate whatever surrounds you in terms of nature, your health, your family, and friends—to me it’s just wasting precious time.

Make the most of now. In all its imperfection, it’s what you have. There’s a meditation that I love, that reminds me very well to make the most of now and I hope it speaks to you:

May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you ride the waves of your life
May you live in peace
No matter what you are given

Have a beautiful October. And make the most of now.