News Flash: You're Not Too Late Until You're Dead

A common response from people about the prospect of starting their own business with Life's Abundance is that it's "too late". Excuse me, but too late for what? 

  • To earn extra income?
  • To have a flexible schedule?
  • To do something you enjoy?
  • To be your own boss?
  • To meet new people?
  • To recommend products that contribute to a healthful way of living?
  • To help people who love their pets feed them better so they can enjoy them longer?

I've always been a late-bloomer. I didn't get my act together to really get in shape until I was almost 50. I don't even want to imagine how miserable my life would be if I had taken the "it's too late" approach to adopting a much healthier lifestyle. I've had a pretty successful career as an employee. I probably could have said "it's too late" to think about another career opportunity, and no one would question that. But you know what? I said yes. Yes to the opportunity of adding to what will be my retirement income. Yes to filling my spare time--even when it's scarce--to doing something I really enjoy. Yes to making decisions about how I'll share my story, my brand, and these awesome products. Yes to meeting new people in the form of customers, prospects, and teammates. Yes to using and recommending a line of clean nutritional supplements that make a difference in my life, and yes to giving my dogs what I believe to be the most wholesome and nutritious food, treats and supplements available. 

Do you think you're too late? You're not. And you can do this. I'm waiting for your "yes" at