What's your excuse?

We all have excuses--I probably have as many or more than anyone. For years, in the back of my mind I wondered what it would feel like to be my own boss, to pursue something with real passion, and to be doing something that helped people. But what would I do? What could I offer? I'm just a regular person, not certified or licensed in anything special. Who would listen to me? I thought about all these things in parallel with an "8 to 5" job that I care about greatly, and am extremely grateful to have. But I still wanted more. Finally, in 2016 I took a step. I signed on as an Executive Field Representative for Life's Abundance. Initially I thought this was a good way for me to just get product at the distributor price, but I quickly became so enthused about the products and so impressed about the team I became a part of that I knew there was no choice but to do more. 

I'm going to share with you some of the many excuses I went through before I took this step. If you have any entrepreneurial dreams, maybe you've been experiencing some of these yourself. Do I have any regrets about taking the step I did? Yes, one. That I didn't do it sooner. So which one(s) of these do you identify with?

1. I don't have the money. Well, face it...you'll never have "enough". Ever. But you can control what you do with what you have, and the costs of starting a home-based business like this, compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar business, is minuscule.

2. I don't have the time. Everyone has the same amount of time. The difference is what you're willing to do with it. 

3. I'm scared. Guess what! Every entrepreneur is scared!  Use those fears as fuel to do what it takes to get it done. And think about how easy this route is, compared to something like owning a franchise for something. Everyone's experience is different, but I can tell you that it didn't take long at all for me to recoup what I invested in starting my business. If I were a traditional business owner, or a franchise buyer, I most likely would have been looking at a loss or no profit for years--maybe as much as a decade. Now THAT is scary!

4. I don't have the right connections. You have more than you think. A good company, like Life's Abundance, will help you think about your network and in no time you'll be surprised how many people you know or have access to--if not in person, then certainly through social media.

I'll be sharing more excuses for you to ponder in the upcoming weeks, but if this first installment has prompted you to think about owning your own business or how nice it would be to have another source of income, I'd like you to think about joining me on this journey. The training resources are here, the company is solid. The growth opportunities are amazing, and the entry point is attainable. Most of all, the chance to work with people who want a healthier life for themselves and/or their pets is more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. Drop me a note at happyvalleyhealthy@gmail.com and let's get started!