Chew(y) on this for a minute.

Convenience. Price. I totally get it. For about four years I ordered dog food through a discount retailer online after I got tired of lugging bags of food home from Petco. The bag would arrive at a regular interval, the price was good, so it seemed just great. But then one day as I was opening a “fresh” bag, I thought to myself that the stuff really didn’t smell that good. Not spoiled—just not fresh. This set me to wondering about the journey that the food went on to get to me, and how long this bag had been around. Where was it made? When did it leave the factory, and where did it go from there? How old was it by the time it got to me? What if there was actually something wrong with it? How would I know?

When we switched to Life’s Abundance from our former brand—which was, by the way, a “premium” food—I found several key differences right off the bat:

  • Better nutrition. The comparisons are available and worth a look to see how your brand stacks up.
  • Value. Notice I did not say price. Bag price does not equal bag price. What you need to compare is serving sizes and cost per ounce. What I found is that although my bag of Life’s Abundance may cost a little more than my previous brand, the feeding guidelines call for less food in volume, so the overall cost per day is also less.
  • Freshness. I know that the food delivered to my door will have been manufactured within the past six weeks. It has not been on a store shelf anywhere. The first time I opened a bag of Life’s Abundance food was while we were transitioning from the old brand over to this new food. The difference in smell and color was astounding! Like, you might actually want to try it yourself! True confession...I ate a piece of kibble. 
  • Peace of mind. In its nearly 20-year history of making pet food, Life’s Abundance has never had a recall of any of its products. Not one. That alone is a major statement, as we’ve seen multiple recalls in 2017 from popular brands that are touted on on-line retail sites as healthy, natural food choices. If the food you purchase from your online retailer had a recall, would someone contact you and let you know that you might not want to feed that bag of food to your pet? This is part of Life’s Abundance’s commitment to its customers. Should there ever be a problem detected with the pet food they produce, the buy-direct method of doing business affords them the knowledge of who bought what food, from what lot, manufactured on a specific date. No one wants that call or email, but it's reassuring to me to know that I’m not going to have to read about a recall weeks after a news release that tainted food "may have been sold" by these retailers between certain dates and that the food I'm feeding my pets could be causing them harm.
  • Giving back. As a company, Life’s Abundance has formed a foundation bearing the name of the holistic veterinarian whose involvement is integral in the formation of their pet products. The Dr. Jane Foundation awards grants several times a year to animal rescue organizations around the country. A portion of the proceeds of every pet food/treat purchase goes to the Dr. Jane Foundation so they can help these organizations—most of which are very small, volunteer-run rescues or clinics—do their important work.

Yes, I pay a modest shipping fee for my Life’s Abundance pet food delivery on my regular auto ship delivery. But would I switch back to Amazon Prime or Chewy for free shipping? No way. The shipping fee is a small price to pay for everything I get in return for doing business with a company with a big heart for people and their pets. Drop me a note at when you are ready to make the switch, or shop now.