Annie's New Life

The past 10 days have been quite a whirlwind for Amish "Ann", now known in our family as Annie. After failing as foster parents in record time, we officially adopted her into her forever home, and we are seriously in love. It's hard for us to understand how this little dog couldn't be loved. The rest of her life is certainly going to be different from the first five years, in every way.

To start with, it's doubtful that she ever had a bath before coming to us, unless she got caught in the rain. She smelled pretty barn-like until she got a dip in the laundry sink with kiwi and mango-scented shampoo. Talk about an instant improvement!

The next big change for Annie was her diet. We have no idea what she was eating before, so introducing her to new food without any kind of transition might have been a disaster, but thankfully, it wasn't. We started her immediately on the same dry food that Wilbur eats, with a grain free pork and venison canned food as a topper. She LOVES it. It's so fun to see her wiggle with excitement at feeding time. To her food, we also add a weight-appropriate dose of fish oil, and once a day she gets a vitamin supplement as a treat. Her coat is already starting to feel softer and shiny.

It's times like these that make me so grateful to be associated with Life's Abundance, because I know that these awesome products, from nutritious food and treats, to shampoo and supplements, will play a part--along with a big dose of love--in helping little Annie thrive.